Re: GEP-4 : Versioning and branching rules proposal

tis 2002-10-01 klockan 01.01 skrev Jeff Waugh:
> <quote who="Mikael Hallendal">

> The point is to make the version numbers across the releases as clear as
> possible, but without requiring anything inefficient or silly... Clarity for
> both users and developers.
> If there's no reason to make a release, there's no reason to update a
> version number.

What I meant was, if I start a new module that will be included in GNOME
3.0, should that modules version number start with 3.0.0?

If so I think that is pretty bad since that says that the module has
come a longer way than it really has.

The other thing is that if we have a module that doesn't change between
GNOME 2.0.1 and 2.0.2, you mean that it shouldn't release a foo
when we release GNOME 2.0.2? If so we would already be out of sync with
the version numbers. And if we update it, it will mean a lot of people
would upgrade for no reason other than a version number.

I really think this doesn't make sense in the way we chose to ship
GNOME. If we want something like this we should start to release merged
tar balls, the way KDE does. ie. a large tarball called
gnome-everything-desktop which includes gnome-desktop, gnome-panel, ...

  Mikael Hallendal

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