Re: GEP-4 : Versioning and branching rules proposal

<quote who="Mikael Hallendal">

> What I meant was, if I start a new module that will be included in GNOME
> 3.0, should that modules version number start with 3.0.0?
> If so I think that is pretty bad since that says that the module has
> come a longer way than it really has.

As Havoc says, "[We have] no need for your petty hangups about version

(Note that stuff in the Desktop and especially the Platform releases
*define* GNOME 3.0, so why shouldn't they be versioned as such?)

> The other thing is that if we have a module that doesn't change between
> GNOME 2.0.1 and 2.0.2, you mean that it shouldn't release a foo
> when we release GNOME 2.0.2? If so we would already be out of sync with
> the version numbers. And if we update it, it will mean a lot of people
> would upgrade for no reason other than a version number.

This has been rehashed a number of times on this thread, and each time we've
come back to "no, if it doesn't make sense to make a new release, then don't
bother". Luckily, there are lots of excuses to make new releases, like bugs,
translations, etc.

> I really think this doesn't make sense in the way we chose to ship
> GNOME. If we want something like this we should start to release merged
> tar balls, the way KDE does. ie. a large tarball called
> gnome-everything-desktop which includes gnome-desktop, gnome-panel, ...

Now you're going to logical extremes - we're just talking about getting our
version numbers similar enough to not be confusing.

- Jeff

                Patches are like Free Software love letters.                

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