Re: Right Click the same as Ctrl+LeftClick??? [Re: Commit: Dragging images around works (sort-of) (fwd)]

<quote who="Alan Horkan">

> I would very much like for Gnome to decide sooner rather than later if
> Ctrl+LeftClick === right Click
> This restriction would leave developers with only a tiny amount less
> choice but it would allow PPC users and other user with a system that has
> an input device besides the supposedly "*nix standard" three button mouse
> that much more consitancey accesibilty and flexibility.

That means we'd totally knock out ctrl-click for any other use. Plus, we'd
be ignoring the many existing methods for providing mouse buttons 2 and 3 on
systems that don't generally have them (on Mac hardware, you use the
keyboard to emulate them).

This does not make much sense.

- Jeff

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