Re: installing translated docs


On Mon, 2002-11-25 at 16:11, John Fleck wrote:
> Folks -
> We now have the embarassment of riches associated with the large
> quantity of translated documentation provided by the Sun team.[1]
> The normal procedure is to include them in the tarball and install them
> alongside the normal gnome/help/appname/C/ directory used by the English
> documentation,so the German, for example, would go in
> gnome/help/appname/de/, etc.
> The large number of translations being provided, however, will add
> substantially to the size of the tarballs. For gnome-utils, as one
> example, the tarball will grow by approximately 600k. Eye of GNOME, as
> another example, will grow by more than 200k, according to Mike Lei, who
> is working on getting the translations installed. The Users' Guide with
> all the translations included would be larger than the Koender's pig[2].

	Its not a huge issue, but I'd like to point out its
doesn't just cause problems with the released tarballs. It
also slows down people doing a lot of heavy CVS work on those
modules. The slowdown is even more marked with a really slow

	I've no real suggestion to your problem - I understand
that its a lot better to have the docs with the code so that
one knows that the docs and code are in sync as best they can
be. I dunno, how about seperate docs packages (like 
gnome-panel-docs) where the version numbers are kept in sync.
Not ideal, I know ...

Good Luck,

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