Re: installing translated docs

Le lun 25/11/2002 à 11:27, Jeff Waugh a écrit :
> <quote who="John Fleck">
> > Is there an alternative that would allow users to pull down tarballs only
> > for their language of choice, or does that create too complex a management
> > problem?
> My first reaction is that it's possibly something better left to packagers.
> Going the KDE route (splitting everything upstream) would be incredibly
> difficult with the number of modules that we ship.

I have to agree with Jeff opinion.. Please, don't go the KDE way..

This can be deal at the package level : with RPM, %lang macro can be
used (in fact, it is used on MandrakeLinux) to only install files for
languages selected by the user at install time..

Frederic Crozat <fcrozat mandrakesoft com>

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