GStreamer things


So, we @ GStreamer are working out some issues with our pending 
assimiliation by Gnome.  More on that later.

For now, there's one small thing we would like to move.  We have a simple 
capplet to configure the GStreamer gconf keys and test them.  We'd like to 
make that available in Gnome instead of in GStreamer, so that it can be 
translated and so on.

We figured the best place for it would be in gnome-media, and Iain agrees, 
but we were wondering if it still is allowed to move this code to 
gnome-media, being past the ui freeze ?

It's not really a new feature, it's just not been added to the right 
module yet.  It's also (at this point) rather simple, which is good for 
testing purposes ;)

What do you think ? I'd like to move it to it's definitive location as 
soon as possible, so that we can get it translated.



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