Re: GStreamer things

<quote who="Thomas Vander Stichele">

> We figured the best place for it would be in gnome-media, and Iain agrees,
> but we were wondering if it still is allowed to move this code to
> gnome-media, being past the ui freeze ?

We're only past the feature freeze at this point...

> It's not really a new feature, it's just not been added to the right
> module yet.  It's also (at this point) rather simple, which is good for
> testing purposes ;)
> What do you think ? I'd like to move it to it's definitive location as
> soon as possible, so that we can get it translated.

... but this sounds okay to me if you guys and Iain are happy with it. Best
to get it in quick smart so we can test/translate/etc. If there are not
disagreements from elsewhere, perhaps it could be put into the gnome-media
release due today for 2.1.3?

Thanks Thomas,

- Jeff

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