Re: GNOME branding, recruiting, and identity [was Re: [Usability]Definition of "desktop" - was a Usability topic.]

On Thu, 2002-11-21 at 15:24, Luis Villa wrote:
> Glynn had a fun new GNOME About box a little while back; I suggested
> (privately) it have links to,, and a
> couple other places, with text along the lines of 'GNOME is a big, happy
> community; here is how you can help us make a kick-ass desktop.' [Full
> text of my suggested modifications are around somewhere, if anyone
> cares.] Would that be a reasonable start, if someone has time to tackle
> doing a newer, more informative about box?

Another issue with the current about gnome box is that it is completely
hidden from the user in the panel context menu. There was some talk
about adding a help menu to the foobar that would include a launcher for
yelp, pehaps a launcher for bug buddy and the about gnome box. The
usability team never really came to a solution if it should be added or
not. The patch is really trivial and imo constitutes a ui change rather
than a feature addition so i think we could sneak it in to gnome2.2 if
we decided that we wanted it. I can hunt down the bugzilla bug later if
need be.


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