Re: New Modules in GNOME 2.2

> > Personally, I myself am surprised that there hadn't been a solaris box for 
> > testing for gnome developers in the past, and if there isn't, but the 
> > companies involved feel that all of gnome 2.2 should work on solaris, then 
> > there is 1 and only 1 logical conclusion : said companies must provide the 
> > hardware as a service to the hackers so the hackers can provide the 
> > service to make the code portable.
> > 
> There will definately be pieces of gnome 2.2 that will not work on Solaris
> - i think the battery applet is one example, and libgtop (and things
> dependning on it) might be another exmaple. I don't think anybody is
> losing much sleep over it.

Can I take that as a "whether or not solaris can run GStreamer is not an 
issue at all on the decision of putting Gstreamer into Gnome 2.2" then ?



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