Re: New Modules in GNOME 2.2

Hey Joe,

> > > FreeBSD guys were giving an initial thumbs up last week or so.
> > 
> > And we continue to do so.  The issue of contention was gstreamer tries
> > to use a 2 MB thread[0] stack.  FreeBSD's thread[0] stack is only 1 MB.

Is this only an issue for the first thread ? Or for every thread ? We can 
drop the stack size per thread to 1 MB.  The only big problem here is 
lame.  Lame is teh suck and uses lots of stack space.

> > Changing gstreamer accordingly fixed the problem.  Moving forward, it
> > might be nice if gstreamer could spawn another thread using
> > pthread_attr_setstacksize to allocate the stack just the way they want,
> > and leave the main thread alone.

Yeah, but we're trying to move away from pthread magic ;) also, 
setstacksize is in the "unspported" area according to glibc people.



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