Re: Update: 2.2 Proposed Modules List

On Wed, Nov 20, 2002 at 12:54:35PM +0100, Stephane Demurget wrote:
> I think he meant if the panel 'zoom-effec-when-i-click-on-a-launcher'
> feature will be replaced by the startup-notification and some hack to
> either metacity or the panel.
> I think this is already implemented in metacity, heh ? Will something
> replace this behaviour in 2.2 ? There's not a lot of chance since we're
> already in the feature freeze since a while :/
> Surely in 2.4, though :)

There's already a feature in 2.2 where a task button will appear for
an app as it's launching. I also intend to have metacity set the
cursor to a busy cursor.

You can't see this though because it doesn't happen for every app. 
Only those with StartupNotify=true in the .desktop file. Which 
means none of them, right now. ;-)


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