gtk-doc version and breakage

Hi everyone,

Since gtk-doc went to version 0.10 a bunch of modules have stopped to
build, because the check in for the gtk-doc version is too

Specifically, the offending section is the following:

    if perl <<EOF ; then
      exit (("$gtk_doc_version" =~ /^[[0-9]]+\.[[0-9]]+$/) &&
            ("$gtk_doc_version" >= "$gtk_doc_min_version") ? 0 : 1);

One way to fix it, still using perl, is to do this instead:

    if perl <<EOF ; then
my @installed = split /\./, "$gtk_doc_version";
my @required = split /\./, "$gtk_doc_min_version";

while (scalar @required) {
    my \$installed_ver = (shift @installed || 0);
    my \$required_ver = shift @required;
    exit 1 if (\$installed_ver < \$required_ver);
    exit 0 if (\$installed_ver > \$required_ver);
exit 0;

You can use that, or make up your own check in shell, but please look
through your and make sure you fix it--the build is totally
broken atm because of this.

Your friendly tinderbox maintainer,

Dan Mills, Desktop Ranger             -o)
email: thunder(at)ximian(dot)com      /\\
-----------------------------------\ _\_v
Damn Sill.. Sand Mill?  All Minds! |_____

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