Re: vte accessibility [was Re: Update: 2.2 Proposed Modules List]

On Wed, 2002-11-20 at 12:24, Alexander Larsson wrote:
> On Tue, 19 Nov 2002, Bill Haneman wrote:
> > I should point out that nalin is assigned to this bug, so there is reason to think 
> > this problem will be sorted; however from Marc's comments I don't think it will be a 
> > trivial fix.
> How the heck did you come to that conclusion from Marc's comment?
> His comment only describes what needs to be done and how libzvt 
> currently does it.

Perhaps Marc didn't want to appear too negative in the bug report; I see
that he didn't say this in the bugzilla log; my information is directly
from Marc.

He told me the change notifications were in his experience the hardest
part to get right.  I would hope it would be easier to do this for vte's
nicer codebase than it was for zvt...

Marc has told me before that one also needs to be careful of logic in
some terminal emulation packages that reduces character changes to the
"minimum deltas", otherwise the change events that you get from the
terminal can amount to gibberish to blind users.

At any rate Marc is our domain expert in this area, queries should go to
him (marc mulcahy sun com).  He probably isn't able to track this list
at the moment due to high traffic, so you may wish to use the bugzilla
report or contact him directly with questions.



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