Re: Gnumeric : Contest for a Splash Screen


Nice splash -- You're on the right track, but, i've got a few suggestions:

The splash is a little "busy"..... It's got a little too much going on. I
can count a foot, a sky, a grassy plain, a sunset, a spreadsheet UI, and no
less than 10 words packed within a roughly 500x500 area. Thats a bit much.

While the sky/plain/sunset look pretty, they overpower the image with depth
cues. You've got the viewer's eye going up, out, and down at the same time.

The first two lines of the text are both unnecessary, and the font used is a
bit too heavy/clumsy. Left-justifying the text is also a little awkward,
center-justified might look cleaner The fourth line of text also lacks a
drop shadow. The dropshadows on the rest of the text is far too harsh --
Using the Drop Shadow filter in Gimp's Script-Fu menu will help you lay down
a nice, soft dropshadow.

Putting a subtle shade on the bottoms of the letters themselves will also
look good. Give it a try.


PS ... Alot of people have told me that when it comes to constructive
criticism, i'm more into the "criticism" than I am into the "constructive".
:)  i.e., i'm not trying to beat you over the head with a loaf of french
bread...Just offering a few suggestions. :) If you'de like, I can whip up a
splash screen as well.

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> On Sat, Apr 01, 2000 at 12:43:41PM +0200, Bruno Mairlot wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > Today, I have made a small splash screen for gnumeric.
> >
> > I have included the jpg in attachment, but you can have the full XCF.GZ
> > source on
> >
> >
> >
> > If we agree to place a splash screen at the startup of gnumeric, send me
> > any comment on the picture.
> No that date is not an error, but it seemed like a good place to
> start.  This weekend JonKare landed some enhancements to Gnumeric's
> gui startup procedure that takes a middle road between splash
> screens and instant on.  If the file we're loading takes more than 3
> seconds it pops up a splash with a progress monitor.
> Bruno's original image seems like a nice starting point.  but it is
> clearly a bit out of date (gnome-1.4 icons).  Anyone with artistic
> talent out that have some ideas with ideas ?
> This seems like a good time to reopen the BEVERAGES file.  The
> winning entry gets a beverage of choice whenever we meet.  Including
> a bonus slug of the famous ceremonial Gnumeric ICBM Vodka.
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