Re: Update: 2.2 Proposed Modules List

<quote who="Joe Marcus Clarke">

> To be fair, there was some discussion with regard to gst.

Neither wildly positive or negative, though.

> >   - galeon: Web browser. Depends on Mozilla.
> A lot of the FreeBSD users really want a web browser by default in
> GNOME.  They see KDE has one, and wonder where GNOME's is.

My issue with Galeon is purely about maintainership. The GNOME 2 port rocks,
but it needs hackers and maintainers to be viable. I'm not convinced that
will work in the 2.2 timeframe.

> >   - gnome-media: Not a new module, but noted here because the latest branch
> > 
> >   - gstreamer/gst-plugins: Multimedia framework libraries.
> By lowering the thread[0]'s stack size, I got this working on FreeBSD,
> so I drop my previous contention.  However, I'm not sure how other
> platform's threading implementations will take to it.


> >   - acme: Daemon and configuration utility for 'special' keys on modern
> >     multimedia keyboards and notebooks.
> Just out of curiosity, why?

See the discussion about it in the earlier proposed modules thread. More
likely to be integrated into existing modules for 2.4.

- Jeff

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