Re: New gedit string freeze breakage

On Fri, 2002-11-15 at 17:19, Christian Rose wrote:
> fre 2002-11-15 klockan 18.15 skrev Paolo Maggi:
> > > That's strange. Sure enough, I was looking at the wrong date so this
> > > commit was really made a month ago in the gnome-2-0 branch, 
> > 
> > I'm quite sure this changes were made in CVS HEAD and not in the
> > gnome-2-0 branch.
> Still, fuzziness for these messages occured in the gnome-2-0 branch
> yesterday, both in my local gnome-2-0 tree and the gnome 2.0 translation
> status pages, and for other translators as well.
> Christian

As you can see from :

the last change to gedit-preferences.glade2 was:

2002-08-15 Federico Mena Quintero <federico ximian com>

* dialogs/gedit-preferences.glade2: Changed the ATK descriptions
for the widgets that have duplicated labels, to make them more
clear. Fixes part of #90279.

So, I'm not sure what the best solution to this problem is.

Could this due to a intltool bug? Or a bug in the scripts used by the
i18n guys?


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