Re: New gedit string freeze breakage

> That's strange. Sure enough, I was looking at the wrong date so this
> commit was really made a month ago in the gnome-2-0 branch, 

I'm quite sure this changes were made in CVS HEAD and not in the
gnome-2-0 branch.

> Note the additional newlines before </atkpropery>; they are what caused
> the fuzziness.
Probably the newlines where added by glade-2 (in CVS HEAD).

Note that I have not worked on gedit in the last few days and that
I cannot see changes to gedit-preferences.glade2 since gedit 2.0.3 (in
the gnome-2-0 branch)

[paolo maggi dialogs]$ cvs status -v  gedit-preferences.glade2 
File: gedit-preferences.glade2	Status: Up-to-date

   Working revision:	1.29
revision:	1.29	/cvs/gnome/gedit/src/dialogs/gedit-preferences.glade2,v
   Sticky Tag:		gnome-2-0 (branch: 1.29.2)
   Sticky Date:		(none)
   Sticky Options:	(none)

   Existing Tags:
	GEDIT_2_1_2_1            	(revision: 1.33)
	GEDIT_2_1_2              	(revision: 1.33)
	GEDIT_2_1_1              	(revision: 1.33)
	GEDIT_2_1_0_1            	(revision: 1.31)
	GEDIT_2_0_5              	(revision: 1.29)
	GEDIT_2_0_4              	(revision: 1.29)
	gnome-2-0                	(branch: 1.29.2)
	before-gnome-2-0         	(revision: 1.29)
	GEDIT_2_0_3              	(revision: 1.29)
	GEDIT_2_0_2              	(revision: 1.28)

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