New gedit string freeze breakage

There has recently been a new unannounced string freeze breakage in
gedit gnome-2-0 branch:

This seems to be the commit in src/dialogs/gedit-preferences.glade2 that
caused the string changes:
revision 1.33
date: 2002/10/14 15:05:46;  author: paolo;  state: Exp;  lines: +7 -27
2002-10-14  Paolo Maggi <maggi athena polito it>

        * TODO: Updated

2002-10-14  Paolo Maggi  <maggi athena polito it>

        * gedit-document.c (gedit_document_save_as_real): add \n to end
        of file if needed (fix bug #95676)

        Partially fixed bug #87172

        * gedit-file.[ch] (gedit_file_save): added a force parameter
        (gedit_file_save_all): don't check if file is modified before
        calling gedit_file_save

        * gedit-menus.c: removed /commands/FileSave from

        * gedit-commands.c (gedit_cmd_file_save):
        * gedit-mdi.c (gedit_mdi_remove_child_handler): use the new
        gedit_file_save function

        * dialogs/gedit-preferences-dialog.c:
        * dialogs/gedit-preferences.glade2: improve Wrap Mode page usability
        (partially fix bug #82710)

        * gedit-mdi.c (gedit_mdi_add_view_handler): now you can drop files
        in main text area (fixed bug #89881)

Communication with translators regarding string changes at supposedly
stable times is very important. Especially since noone expects
unannounced changes in GNOME 2.0 at this point.

All these changes to the gedit-preferences.glade2 file are simple
additions of newlines to a lot of messages. I don't think this counts as
an enough important bugfix to warrant a string freeze breakage anyway,
even if translators had been informed. I suggest two possible courses of
action. Either

* announce this change to translators and explain why it needs to be
added in the string freeze
* revert this change


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