Re: Copying and innovation (was: Re: Fw: Incessant Horse Flogging.)

> > Revolutionary New Idea X(tm) when things like a general key-binding
> > daemon still aren't present, or the file-selector is still butt-ugly,
> I think what Bowie means is that we could also ask ourselves the question
> "Is a file selector really necessary at all?", i.e. think of different UI
> paradigms.

Thank you. :)

A rewindable desktop would eliminate the need for a file selector,
incidentally. :)

Scary, but I never thought about that. Hee!

> But, I do go along with your line of thought that GNOME shouldn't become
> something like HURD. Stuff that needs to be right in the here and now (and
> yes, that includes the file selector) should have first priority.


> > stuff that Every Other OS has, it doesn't.  When GNOME matures to the
> > point where there's no large holes missing in functionality, them maybe
> > developers can sit back and think, "OK, here's a good desktop, what can
> > we do to blow away the competition?"

> The problem with this is that that point is an ever-moving target, and the
> movement is dictated again by what other desktops are doing. That is
> constantly redefining what are "large holes missing in functionality". So
> it is elementary (for lack of a better word) to keep thinking about cool
> stuff as well, and work towards it.

Again, thank you.

I just wish there was a forum where these things could be discussed openly,
rather than muddying the waters for the developers here on the list --
Something I sincerely don't like to do, and already feel somewhat bad about.

> > Or things like the Nautilus 'OO UI' - strikingly new, I suppose, but
> New! By now the first renditions of OOUIs must be about ten years old. The
> time that the good ideas from this paradigm are incorporated in GNOME is
> long overdue.

Bingo. I like you.

> I contend this cross platform consistency you're talking about cannot be
> a _deciding_ argument for copying other UIs. Yes, all other things being
> equal, it can be a factor to be taken in consideration, but you have to
> place your own vision first.

Double bingo. Can I marry you?

> Everybody at some time has to learn new ways of handling devices. And it
> is a human trait to be reluctant of learning new things; but giving in to
> this will only reinforce the old, perhaps wrong, way of doing things,
> making it more difficult to have real innovation in the future.

I may swoon.

Ok--How bout this. I break off my engadgement with Ginger. Our wedding isn't
until April. :)


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