Re: Fw: Incessant Horse Flogging.

On Wed, Nov 13, 2002 at 09:09:40PM -0500, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> As Luis said somewhat untactfully; . . .

Understatement.  The thread in which he said that stated at the beginning:

  "If you won't have fun with this, then filter out any replies now."

>                              . . . let's do the UI review, close some
> of the HIG bugs in bugzilla, work on reconciling what GTK does and
> what the HIG says, there are a million useful tasks... there's even
> room for new ideas and cool innovations, but not *only* that. We have
> to slowly evolve things in the right direction. It's not about
> revolution, it's about sustained vision across the boring daily small
> steps.

We have to know what is the right direction. The thread which Luis cut
was meant to lay upon the table what directions people had in mind.
The improbable far future was implicitly and explicitly ruled out.

During the last few months some boring small steps in the wrong direction
have been proposed. Do you think they were in the right direction? 
Then tell us what direction that is and show us why it is right.
Tell us how can you can have a right direction when there isn't even
a destination. World domination doesn't cut it.

Since you're still thinking in terms of visions, you have a problem.
A vision cannot be shared. Even when everyone is looking at same thing -
and right now that is not so - they still see it differently. It takes
a lot of effort to get past the chimeras and know what you're looking at.

Greg Merchan

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