Re: gnome-utils-2.0.5 mirror issues


> We had an issue where Glynn uploaded a new release on Nov 7 to the 2.0.2
> directory even though 2.0.2 should have been "fixed in time" as of Sept
> 16.

Yeah, I suck....I guess it's an indication of the pressure I'm under
right now...I'm losing my

> It turns out there must have been a previous gnome-utils-2.0.5 release
> made (perhaps by someone else?

Nope, that was by me too....I think I might have been having issues with
our socks server - so I couldn't check in the release or something - and
then probably went off to the pub and forgot about it :/

Anyone up for maintaining gnome-utils? :)

				Glynn ;)

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