GNOME 2.0.3 - only 3 days to avail of this glorious offer!


So, you're feeling run down? Stressed out from work? Tired with the
world in general?

What better than getting a 'Thanks. You ROCK' mail from Jeff Waugh in
your mailbox? This limited offer is only open for the next 3 days. This
special edition mail will include some of Jeff's best sigs, with a
totally personalized touch. Enclosed is a sample mail to whet your

All you need to do is to make that 2.0.x release you've been thinking
about. If you don't plan on making a release and you haven't told the
release team yet, please do. If you don't have time to make a release
and you're happy with someone else [1] making that release, then let us

Remember, a release is for life, not just for Christmas.

Be involved. Be special.

And the world will be special to you.

				See ya,
					Glynn :)

[1] Other than me...I'm a screw up.
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Hey Mark,

Just saw your releases for 2.0.3 come through - thanks very much!


- Jeff

  "I run Linux on pretty much everything except the microwave and washing   
     machine. Those are tempting targets but would probably make Telsa      
                        extremely cross." - Alan Cox                        
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