Re: Incessant Horse Flogging.

On Thu, 2002-11-14 at 01:02, Bowie J. Poag wrote:
> The current discussion horse is dead. Not only is it dead, it has been
> flogged, pulverized, and in some places liquified.
>     Rather than continue to obsess about which side of the plate the fork
> belongs on,  I propose we do something a little different; I'm interested in
> discussing  _new_ and _different_ ideas to add to Gnome....You know,
> something that would set Gnome apart from all other desktops in terms of its
> usefulness and function? I have a few ideas I'd be happy to toss onto the
> table for discussion---Delicious things, bite-sized pieces of wholesome
> goodness we can all collectively sink our forks into, and enjoy a hearty
> meal of brainstorming and chin-scratching.  Between all of us, i'm sure we
> could unearth a pretty wide variety of new ideas to chew on -- Things worthy
> of inclusion into the desktop.
>     Suppose we find something.  There are plenty of people within the
> development team willing to take an interesting idea and hammer out the code
> for it. This will not only give the gazillions of users out there something
> new to play with, it will also serve to set us apart from the
> competition...KDE, OS X, Windows, and lord knows what else pops up.
> Suddenly, we have things that they do not, and the notion of functional envy
> takes over----They will mimic what we build, instead of us constantly
> mimicking what _they_ build.  We all win.
> So...Anyone hungry? :)

What is that ?

It's not an idea, it's a call for idea. Do you really think we waited
for you to say "I'm interested in discussing  _new_ and _different_
ideas to add to Gnome" to actually do something ?

That's overestimating your power of persuasion.

This type of rant has nothing to do here. d-d-l is to discuss ideas
people have already had.


/Bastien Nocera

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