Re: the Nautilus context menu

On Wed, 2002-11-13 at 05:37, Alexander Larsson wrote:
The new nautilus has a feature where external plugins can insert menu 
items in the context menu for files. This is quite powerful and lets us 
extend Nautilus with new functionality from other apps (e.g. file-roller 
can add a "create an archive from selected files"). 

I've actually added this now to file-roller.  If people want to try it out, you just need file-roller and nautilus from HEAD.  It does add a global menu item, "Add To Archive...", so maybe I am the first offender of cracking out the menu :)

The file-roller context menu component is pretty cheesy since it just spawns a file-roller process (exactly the same thing the scripts did), but it is a good general example of how other people can go about adding this feature to their apps.  Also, there is a doc in nautilus/docs/nautilus-context-menus.txt that people can look at as well.


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