Re: Discussion: 2.2 Proposed Modules List

> Personally (but it is only my opinion), I think that the core desktop
> should only contain things like file-roller, acme, nautilus, gcalctool,
> ... But that other applications like IM's, office suites, mail readers,
> web browsers, GnomeMeeting, ... should be part of Fifth-Toe only and
> not of the desktop.

The concept of a complete desktop environment changes, and I think it's good
to embrace the kinds of features that Apple and Microsoft are including in
their desktops. (I'm actually writing an article about this at the moment,
but anyway...)

So, I believe that GNOME should include a web browser, IM client and mail
reader (in amongst other things, but you've mentioned these specifically) in
the Desktop release. These are appropriate for many classes of users.

I'm just not convinced that a video/audio conferencing system is in this
category yet. :-)

- Jeff

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