Re: Thoughts from FreeBSD on the upcoming GNOME 2.2

> So far, I have to say GNOME has been pretty good for FreeBSD.  We have
> been tracking fairly closely to the official releases.  I'm putting the
> final touches on 2.1.2 as we speak.

Cool, I hope you've been keeping the 2.1.x releases in an experimental area
just for testers though! :-)

> However, with the recent addition of GStreamer to GNOME 2, I have some
> doubts.

Note that it's a proposed addition, as are all of the modules mentioned in
my previous email to the list. All of this stuff needs to be discussed.

> GStreamer still does not
> work on FreeBSD.  Our pthreads implementation does not allow
> applications to longjump between thread contexts.  Since it looks like
> GStreamer might play an important role in GNOME 2, I thought I'd add
> some input.  If this is not the correct list, please let me know.

This is certainly the right place to note your issues with the proposed
modules. You might want to talk to the GStreamer dudes directly about
FreeBSD support - portability issues such as this are near enough to
show-stopper bugs for a GNOME Desktop module that we'd want to see this
fixed in the 2.2 timeframe if GStreamer were to be included.

Thanks, good to hear from you!

- Jeff

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