Re: New gnome-mime-data string freeze breakage again

lör 2002-11-09 klockan 15.08 skrev Thomas Vander Stichele:
> Oh, this is totally my fault.  I was under the idea that gnome-mime-data 
> had branched a long time ago for 2.0, like most modules.  It was not my 
> intention to commit this to the stable 2.0 branch.  I'm of course all for 
> backing out this change.

Ok. It seems this is a rather common mistake, and I can see why. It's
strange that gnome-mime-data isn't branched.

> Does this mean I should be poking seth to make a branch for the 
> development version ? How should I best resolve this ?

Or perhaps create a branch for the gnome 2.0 version, and revert this
change on that branch, and keep development in HEAD, like is common in
other modules. Anyway, a branch is desperately needed to avoid these
kind of things, it seems.

Please tell gnome-i18n gnome org whan the ranch has been created,


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