UI Review Time

Hey there,

Okay, all welcome but let's stay entirely focused, on topic and
realistic about what we are trying to achieve.

			See ya,
				Glynn ;)

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> Given that we're currently in a supposed UI review phase, and given that
> at least some of the people on this list are going to scream /after/ the
> UI freeze about something in the GNOME 2.2 UI, and given that the
> usability team has so far done exactly jack shit for 2.2 (at least
> publicly) I'd really appreciate people spending some time talking about
> GNOME 2.2 instead of GNOME 4.0.

Yeah, I guess some of this is my fault - I've been hugely busy in work
with the Sun release, so haven't had much time to think about the UI
review. Apologies. I suck.

I think we should definitely crack on with the reviews soon though - I
was kinda waiting for 2.1.2 to get out the door before we start, but I
think we should carry on regardless.

The way I see it as follows -

	o Each day at 4pm [Irish time] we hold a one hour review session 	  on
#ui-review  at irc.gnome.org *

	o We initially take a brief look at the applications that we
	  reviewed the last time -

			Panel [not including applets]
			Desktop Preferences

	o Each one hour review session is logged and put online so that
	  others who couldn't attend can read the comments - and reply
	  to usability gnome org if neccessary

	o Over the course of the month [yeah, we're running out of days]
	  we go through as many applications as possible. GEdit, 
	  Gnumeric, File Roller being first on the list, since 
	  respective maintainers have asked for a review.

	o At the end of each week, we somehow manage to compile the
	  comments and log bugs with [UI-REVIEW] in the summary. I'd 
	  prefer if only one or two people did this

Sound good to everyone? Let's start Monday 11th November.

				See ya,
					Glynn ;)

* This of course doesn't mean that people can't get together and hold
  reviews outside this time - indeed, that would be very much encouraged

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