Re: New gnome-mime-data string freeze breakage again


> Since this seems like a pure addition and not an important bug fix, I
> suggest three possible courses of action. Either
> * announce this change to translators and explain why it needs to be
> added in the string freeze
> * revert this change
> * create a gnome-2-0 branch for gnome-mime-data, reverting the change in
> this branch, and keeping it only in HEAD

Oh, this is totally my fault.  I was under the idea that gnome-mime-data 
had branched a long time ago for 2.0, like most modules.  It was not my 
intention to commit this to the stable 2.0 branch.  I'm of course all for 
backing out this change.

Does this mean I should be poking seth to make a branch for the 
development version ? How should I best resolve this ?



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