Re: root-tail

On Wed, Nov 06, 2002 at 05:11:20PM +0000 or thereabouts, Alan Horkan wrote:
> > > is there a program similar to root tail that will work while 
> > > nautilus is drawing your desktop??  If not, how would you go 
> > > about creating one ?
> >
> > (a) I don't know (but it sounds cool)
> I hadn't a clue what it meant either glad i am not alone.  I wish people
> would explain things more often.
> I looked it up.
> It's purpose (see the manpage) below) is to display logfiles in difefrent
> colours on your root-window. That is, it works just like tail -f.

Yeah. In fairness, it's a reasonably well-known program to people
who use X a lot and who admin machines (or are just curious what
their machines are doing). I just don't know whether there is one
which works if you have nautilus drawing the root window. (Oh. You
haven't explained that term, btw; and I have met people who assume 
from context that it's the window they su'd to root in... :)) 

I haven't used it in ages, but root-tail or a root-tail-like app
which understands about nautilus would be very cool.


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