Re: root-tail

On Wed, 6 Nov 2002, Telsa Gwynne wrote:

> which works if you have nautilus drawing the root window. (Oh. You
> haven't explained that term, btw; and I have met people who assume
> from context that it's the window they su'd to root in... :))

I get your point,
people cannot be expected to explain everything.
If people were to err on the side of caution,
expand acronyms the first
time you use them if they are not well know and repeated several times in
a mail and perhaps also explain new or obscure terms.

I know this is not a list for newbies and I am not asking for anyone to
hold my hand or anything but making things a little bit easier wont hurt

Alan Horkan

perennial neophyte
(that means 'newbie year after year' in case anyone was wondering ;)

> I haven't used it in ages, but root-tail or a root-tail-like app
> which understands about nautilus would be very cool.
> Telsa
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