Re: "Fitts law" issues

On Fri, 2002-11-01 at 07:22, Seth Nickell wrote:
> 1) Panel applets need to be able to and need to be reachable from the
> very edge of the screen. The most important two are the window list and
> the workspace switcher. If we have to hack this for the next release by
> getting rid of the bevel... as ugly as that may be... I'm in favour of
> it at this point. Its just too inconvenient and annoying to not be able
> to throw the mouse to the edge of the screen. Obviously a more elegant
> fix would be better :-)
> 2) Scrollbars should also be reachable from the very edge of the screen.
> This should be possible-ish with Metacity's "get rid of window borders
> on maximize" stuff.

I agree with both completely.

Are there open bugs on these issues?


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