Re: GEP-2 Theme Sets (aka Metathemer)

On Mon, 2002-11-04 at 16:17, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> A problem with the UI is that you can't really tell what font will get
> applied. Seems like you might want to know before clicking "Apply
> Font" - maybe "Apply font 'foo'" where 'foo' is rendered in the font
> itself? Or I guess the font could be previewed in the theme preview.

Yes, I was imagining that the font would show up in the preview, but
there's probably more we could do.  E.g. show the name/size of the
proposed font in the "Apply Font" button tooltip, and grey out the
button if the proposed font isn't installed on your system.

Also as it stands, the preview is currently a much-scaled-down version
of the real desktop, which probably doesn't give you much of a clue as
to whether the font will be readable at full size anyway.  Maybe there
needs to be a "show me this preview at full size with scrollbars" option
in there somewhere, or (preferably) we just need to very carefully
choose what goes in the preview so we can show as many of the features
of the theme as possible at full size.


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