Re: Minutes of Gnome 2 release team meeting (late): 2002-05-17

On Tue, May 28, 2002 at 06:51:44PM -0500, Eric Baudais wrote:
> There are 4 requirements you need to have a running doc system.
> 1) You have the DocBook DTD V4.1.2 installed on your system.
> 2) You have the XSL stylesheets V1.48 installed on your system.
> 3) You have a XML catalog.
> 4) You have the stylesheets and DocBook DTD registered in the XML catalog.
> You should be able to check these 4 requirements through use of libxml2 and 
> some simple scripts.

That's not quite everything. You also need to have a working
scrollkeeper setup with the contents file filled in correctly.



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