scrollkeeper-0.3.6 and GNOME 1.4.x

Hi, I'm with the FreeBSD GNOME porting team, and I recently ran into a
problem when updating scrollkeeper from 0.2 to 0.3.6 on FreeBSD.  Some
of the gnome-core OMF files failed to compile as they contained
illegal UTF-8 characters.  I realize this is because libxml2 expects all
XML files to be in UTF-8 format unless an encoding directive is
specified in the xml header.

I was wondering if GNOME 1.4 is supposed to work with
scrollkeeper-0.3.x?  What we're trying to accompilsh is to have the
GNOME 1.4.x libraries coexist with the GNOME 2.0 desktop, and vice
versa.  yelp really wants to have scrollkeeper-0.3.x, but some of the
core GNOME 1.4.x components don't seem to like it.  Is there a way to
make scrollkeeper-0.3.x play nicely with GNOME 1.4.x without patching
all the OMF files to have an encoding="ISO-8859-1" directive?  Is there
a better list to be asking these questions?  Thanks.


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