Re: Tabs for Nautilus ?

What it really comes down to is the question "Is this feature going to
be used by enough users to warrant the extensive code changes needed and
ui changes."

1. To implement tabs in nautilus would require alot of work according to
the maintainer when i asked a while ago about.

2. While the ui changes are trivial they do add a level of clutter to
the ui.

My personal opinion is that tabbing is an excellent feature in a web
browser like galeon where you are lookin at numerous different pages at
once. I use to support the idea of tabs in nautilus when there was still
some interest in making nautilus a web browser. However now that it has
become abundantly clear that nautilus is not going to be a full fledge
web browser, I personally feel tabbing is a little over kill for a file
browser and that the feature will not be used often enough to warrant
it's inclusion.

We can't add every feature to nautilus that is requisted. If we did so
the program would be a disorganized mess that would be impossible to
use. Hence we make tradeoffs...


On Mon, 2002-05-20 at 13:49, Stephane Demurget wrote:
> On Mon, 2002-05-20 at 19:22, Alan wrote:
> > Agreed.  Nautilus needs to be a fast, kick ass file browser before
> > people start turning it into emacs :)  Gnome already has a kick ass web
> > browser called galeon, and I don't see a need to bloat nautilus more by
> > adding redundant code.  Besides, isn't there a (or going to be a) galeon
> > plugin for the web page rendering in nautilus?  Wouldn't this take care
> > of all of the web browsing and tab issues?
> Unless some people like me would like the tabs to support the file
> views.
> Cheers,
> --Stef

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