Re: Mem leaks in gnome-terminal 1.9.6

On Fri, 2002-05-17 at 05:09, Gustavo Giráldez wrote:
> I checked and I still have those leaks in this machine... but not in
> another one.  I'm puzzled.  I did some tests and everything indicates
> it's an xserver problem.  Here are some results (the problem is with
> shaded transparent background, non-shaded works fine):
> So, from this behavior I thought it could be an X problem, related to
> some caching or optimization.  I have RH 7.2 with latest (4.1.0-15)
> XFree86.  Could it be that the X server looses track of the pixmap data
> when it copies it for its use in the background gc?

Okay, I've updated my machine at home to the latest releases of
libzvt/gnome-terminal (1.115.2-1 and 1.9.6-2) and I don't get the
leaks.  Starting 30 gnome-terminals results in a lot of memory use but
not extravagant amounts, and closing them all with a 'killall
gnome-terminal' results in the memory being freed.  The same experiment
at work resulted in a massively bloated X server.

The difference between the machines?  Home (no leaks) is Debian Sid,
work (leaks) is RedHat 7.2.  Both are up to date package wise.


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