Re: Mem leaks in gnome-terminal 1.9.6


On Thu, 2002-05-16 at 13:31, Ross Burton wrote:
> On Thu, 2002-05-16 at 17:18, Michael Meeks wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > 	Are there not patches for this in bugzilla against libzvt that are as
> > yet un-committed ? AFAIR the bugs are fairly trivial gdk pixmap ref
> > mis-management.
> I had previously tried these patches and the memory leak was not totally
> eliminated, although they did help.

I checked and I still have those leaks in this machine... but not in
another one.  I'm puzzled.  I did some tests and everything indicates
it's an xserver problem.  Here are some results (the problem is with
shaded transparent background, non-shaded works fine):

1) In this machine (Duron 700MHz with 256 Mb) it normally leaks.  I say
normally because I got to a situation when it didn't: I had Galeon,
Evolution, emacs and the full gnome2 desktop opened.

2) In my other machine (K6-400 with 64 Mb) it doesn't leak.  I even
tried login from this one to the other (using XDMP) and it works fine.

3) When it doesn't leak (in both machines) and monitoring X memory
(reported by top) I observed that when gnome-terminal starts around 4Mb
are consumed (which is reasonable).  As soon as I quit the app, that
memory is freed.

4) When it leaks, I get a strange behavior.  When I start gnome-terminal
I don't get the initial 4 Mb allocation.  The allocation happens when
the terminal gets an expose event for a somewhat big area (for small
areas still doesn't), say more than 100x100 pixels (don't know
exactly).  At that moment the app freezes for a moment and the X server
memory goes up by 4 Mb.  This memory is not freed when the app quits
(i.e. the last gnome-terminal is finished).

So, from this behavior I thought it could be an X problem, related to
some caching or optimization.  I have RH 7.2 with latest (4.1.0-15)
XFree86.  Could it be that the X server looses track of the pixmap data
when it copies it for its use in the background gc?

Oh, and libzvt from Gnome 1.4 doesn't present this problem, but I think
it draws the background in a different way (i.e. not setting the tile
option in the gc), because it's much slower.  I'll investigate though.

Any ideas?


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