Re: patch to tasklist and libwnck

On Saturday 11 May 2002 18:48, Thomas Vander Stichele wrote:
Hmm, sorry for not posting this earlier, but I had been away most of the 

> I've sent it to Alex a few times for revision and this one should be
> pretty clean.  It implements a minimum_width (useful for sliding and
> corner panels, this is the size they'll take) and a maximum_width (useful
> for edge panels to limit the space they'll take).

I see a problem here, your patch only addresses the problem in horizontal 
panels, am i right? I think you should modify your patch so that it works for 
the vertical orientation too. I admit the vertical case is not as broken 
without a patch as the horizontal case. But the minumum height hardcoded into 
the wla is not enough to be useful.

I think the two options you have added are enough, just make sure you replace 
width through height in the UI and code for vertical panels.
(your default of 50 pixels minimum height would be less than the standard 88 
pixels, but this won't be a problem)

I'd be happy if this could be fixed, else I have to keep my patch around for 

Martin H.

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