Re: Enabling help for control-center capplets

On Thu, May 09, 2002 at 05:26:49PM +0530, Satyajit wrote:
>    Hi All,
>    I am  enabling  "help"  for gnome-control-center capplets.
>    But I find currently there are no "help buttons"  present for the
> capplets.
>    I am creating the help buttons (which will be placed at the left
> corner
>    of the capplet window). And I am linking the button with the
> appropiate
>    Help document.
>    I am sending the snapshot of one of the capplet (Background capplet
>    showing the "help" button).
>    I would like to hear from you all (specially the  usability guys
> about the
>    location of help button. If it is fine then I 'll go ahead and enable
> help for the
>    rest of the control-center capplets.

I have patches pending to do exactly this.  I'll commit them today.

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