some applets on vertical panel look poor

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While checking a bug in bugzilla, I run across some applets that look really 
poor on vertical panels. I tried both with a wide one(XX large) and a narrow 
Let's start with the really broken stuff:
	This applet wraps after every button, so it doesn't use the width of the
	panel at all. It really looks crap and it much to high to be usable

	This applet is much to high too. But still uses a small font. Looks horrible
	because it has too much empty space.

	ok this we'd expect that, didn't we. I don't know if it's worth to work on

The others are not as severe, but still look odd:
	It is by default rotated, the fish swimming up, airbubbels to the left.
	I think the Rotate option should be off.

	it does not use the full width on big panels and breaks in two rows.
	It needs more space than needed

battery status
	On wide vertical panels it looks odd, because the battery is rotated into a
	vertical position, but it would fit nicely in the horizontal orientation.

	<nitpick> on very thin panel we might want to rotate this applet.

It would be nice if some of this could be fixed, maybe even for 2.0

Martin H.

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