menus, editing, etc.


I'm worried about how menu editing works. As I read the code, if the
user edits the menu, they lose all future changes to the system menu.

Instead of switching to a "user query" when they edit the menu, maybe
we could save a list of adds and deletes:

  + Root/Foo/Bar/Baz:/usr/share/applications/blah.desktop
  - Root/Whatever:/usr/share/applications/foo.desktop
An add entry forces the directory it's inside to always exist. So here
Root/Foo/Bar/Baz will always exist even if the system query no longer
contains that directory.

A remove entry only hides an exact match from the system query. That
is, if foo.desktop moves to Root/Bar instead of Root/Whatever,
foo.desktop will "reappear."

We can still allow users to redirect their menus to a different query
(maybe store the name of the query file in a GConf key), but this
would be an advanced feature, not something that normally happens when
editing menus.

This seems like something we can't change soon if we ship 2.0 with
menu editing enabled, though.


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