Re: Memory leaks with gnome-terminal?

Ross Burton <ross burtonini com> writes: 
> I have just checked out libzvt from CVS, applied the patch and rebuild. 
> Unless gnome-terminal statically links to libzvt I'm sad to say that
> this didn't fix the problem for me.  Within minutes (after creating 10
> terminals and closing them):

Be careful - if you don't use --disable-factory, you may be running
the old gnome-terminal process, not the new one.

A caveat here, you have to take what "top" and "ps" say with a huge
grain of salt, especially what they say about the X server... it can
be hard to know if you have a real memory leak or just caching
behavior of some kind. Of course using huge amounts of RAM increasing
over a long period of time is probably a leak, but checking top
immediately before/during/after running an app doesn't always mean
that much.


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