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On Mon, 2002-03-11 at 14:01, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Hi,
> I think it's important that we get better background/font capplets for
> 2.0. I don't know the detailed story but apparently people have
> written the improved capplets. There's also apparently a better set of
> background schemas, and these MUST go in before 2.0 if they are going
> to change.
> If we're going to get things in for 2.0, they need to go in _NOW_, at
> least the UI, strings, and schemas do; some code cleanup can come
> later, but we need the UI, strings, and schemas so that other modules
> and teams can coordinate.
> So I don't know what the whole long saga is about why this stuff is
> not in, etc., but can people please make a concerted effort to get the
> stuff in CVS ASAP. Plenty of the stuff in GNOME 2 is a bit broken or
> suboptimal, but as long as the rough overall shape of something is
> right, it needs to go in CVS sooner rather than later, so that other
> people hacking on GNOME 2, writing docs, translations, etc. can
> adapt. We need to sync Nautilus with the schemas for example.
> Specifically why I think these need changing:
>  - the font capplet has only one control in it and looks dumb, and 
>    is not instant apply; it should let us change the window titlebar
>    font in addition to the GTK font, be instant apply, and get some 
>    assistance on overall appearance. It's just completely lame 
>    at the moment.
>  - the background capplet is much uglier and less usable than Seth's 
>    very nice version. It definitely needs some UI help.
>  - I haven't looked at the schemas, just going on hearsay, 
>    but again if they are going to change it needs doing soon.
> Can people please take care of this? There is no good reason that I
> see to ship GNOME 2 with inferior capplets in these two areas.
> Let's just fix it.

Hi Havoc,

On the subject of the background capplet, I do not object to changing
the schemas and cleaning up the UI, but I want to see two separate
patches: one for each of those tasks. The schemas patch will most likely
go right in, while the UI patch will require a bit of tweaking on my
part before I approve it. So far, this style of presentation has not
been forthcoming.

On the subject of the font capplet, I have not seen any patch for a
rewritten version. I will gladly review such a patch if it is sent to

> Havoc
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