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Michael Thomas Vanderford wrote:

Is there anyway to disable gnome-session

Im on a cable modem and as soon as i turn the  eth0 on it starts a
constant broadcast apparently to my dns server. The transmission light
blinks  every couple of seconds. I believe this has something to do with
Every since i saved one of my sessions ive been having complete hell
with the time it takes to do anything. Logging in, Opening an app, etc.
etc.It appears some type of communication is trying to happen but
eventually times out and finally opens the app.
It is probably trying to map your hostname to an IP address. The simplest way to fix this is to make sure your hostname is listed in the /etc/hosts file. This will allow forward and reverse lookups of your hostname to occur without any network traffic and should prevent these slowdowns.

If you are using a dialup script that changes your hostname when you dial up, that may also be causing the problem. (eg. dial up to internet -> hostname changes to one in the domain of the ISP. Drop connection and hostname continues to be in ISP's domain. Now when you do a name lookup, it needs to contact the ISP's DNS server which times out). If this is the case, try turning off the "change hostname" setting.


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