Re: Reducing the number of special uris in gnome

This is my point exactly. This could all be fixed by just using
applications:// there is no reason to have these other special uris for
launching apps (whether or not they exist in vfs doesn't matter, easter
eggs like this are ok, I'm purely concerned with user visible features).
All apps should be launched from applications.

I don't want to obscure the file system like windows does though. But  i
think this is a good comprimise of sort, especially if applications is
added as a root node to the tree view.


On Thu, 2002-06-27 at 09:27, Bruce Robert Pocock wrote

> I think there should be a "faked" one, though; I've seen people get
> confused that the "Up" button stops working when they click on a
> "folder" (vfolder as it may be)...
> As it stands:
> start-here: -> preferences:  -- "Up" doesn't work, only "Back"
> preferences: -> preferences:///Category  -- "Up" and "Back" both work
> In e.g. the Windows tree, "Control Panel" is visually/logically a
> "child" of "My Computer," despite it being only a "vfolder" of sorts;
> clicking "Up" from "Control Panel" brings one back to "My Computer."
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