Re: Reducing the number of special uris in gnome

On Thu, 2002-06-27 at 13:09, Dave Bordoley wrote:
> Right now we have 6 special uris that i know of.
> start-here:
> preferences:
> applications:
> system-settings:
> server-settings:
> trash:
> In general this is bad from a ui perspective, since they are not
> connected in a meaningful way (no hierarchy like a file system just
> random locations). I have a solution. 
> The first 5 in the list really all serve the same function. They are all
> used to launch applications. Why not just remove all of them except for
> applications://, the directory where apps are meant to be launched from
> anyway, they all double the functionality of this directory anyway
> (there is no app available from these directories that i cannot launch
> from the applications directory that I know of. Why created confusion
> lets just have one place to launch apps from in nautilus).
> To facilitate a good ui I propose that we add applications to the the go
> menu as well as the nautilus toolbar. This will make this directory
> easily accessible for users. In addition by doing this we create a
> hierarchal directory structure for launching apps. This is nice as
> applications:// can be added to the tree view as a second root node.
> If we do this we reduce the number of special gnome uris to two,
> applications:// and trash://. 
> I expect that this will be much more usable from a users perspective.

1) Only 3 of them are actually user-visible.

2) Most of them stay here for compatibility reasons.

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