Re: Reducing the number of special uris in gnome


I think that is what the big start here icon was supposed to do.
User clicks it and navigates from there and doesn't have to know
anything about the URIs gnome-vfs is using.

If by "not expose them in the ui", you mean not displaying the uri
schemes in the location bar then I agree with you.
The uri schemes are an implementation detail that should be hidden and
the special locations should be represented by (localisable?) strings
that mean more to the user.  e.g. "Preferences" which maps to
all-preferences: internally but is never exposed to the user.

This would also save us if the W3C or whoever decided to come up with a
real world preferences:// standard protocol that called for the use of 
this URI :-) 

Since this would be just a mapping from a string to a uri entering the
uri into the lcoation bar would still work so we save backwards

Just like "Control Panel", "Printers", Dial-up Networking", 
"My Documents" etc in the windows world.

If this is what you are suggesting then I think its odd that you closed
a bug (enh) I logged for exactly this feature. Can't remember the number
and bugzilla isn't playing ball right now.

One other thing, I don't really think there is or needs to be a
hierarchical relationship between Preferences and Applications and
whatever other than collecting them together with the Start Here
location (or My Computer on windows).


On Thu, 2002-06-27 at 13:47, Dave Bordoley wrote:
> Well we should just not expose them in the ui. Whether they're there or
> not isn't quite as big of a deal as long as they are not exposed in the
> ui. My proposal is purely ui based. 
> dave

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