Proposed 2.0.1 string change for GDM

Currently, in GDM language list it has:

 English                 en
 American English        en_US
 British English         en_GB

This is *HIGHLY BROKEN* since 'en' is not a valid
locale on Linux, or, AFAIK, most other operating systems.

Plus, being neutral doesn't help; you aren't going to
get a locale where it's colour half the time and color
the other half.

As a stop-gap measure in our packages, I'm doing:

 American English        en_US
 British English         en_GB

But this has the problem that it becomes really hard
to find "English".

What I believe is right is:

 English (American)     en_US
 English (British)      en_GB

[ Note that all other languages are done like this ]

This will involve a string change, but I think it's still
a fix we should do as soon as we get GNOME-2.0.0 is


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