Re: changing keyboard/mouse shortcuts

Alan <alan ufies org> writes:
> What I want to do is change the shortcut for interactively-resize-window
> (what it was called under sawfish anyway) from alt+mouse3+move to
> alt+mouse2+move, to match up with the alt+mouse1+move that is the
> default shortcut to interactive-move-window.  I've been using this for
> eons and my fingers don't know a different way to do it :)  
> Anyway, there's no mention of this shortcut in the shortcuts capplet, or
> the advanced, or the accessability, nor could I find it when I went into
> gconf-editor.  I couldn't even find mention of the
> interactive-move-window shortcut (I was thinking if I could find that
> one I could just cut/paste the shortcut for i-resize-w).  

At the moment the default should be Alt+mouse2 for resize, Alt+mouse1
for move, Alt+mouse3 for menu.

But, changing those bindings is not yet implemented in Metacity.  I'd
take a patch to make them configurable but it's not done yet.


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